An English Breakfast In Fryup

by Guise Bule Story
Fryup Road Sign

In the United Kingdom the English breakfast is known colloquially as a 'fry up', so it is with amusement that we recently discovered a hamlet called Fryup in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, split into two valleys called Big Fryup and Little Fryup.

In Great britain a hamlet is a small human settlement that is usually smaller than a village and typically does not have a church. The hamlet of Fryup in North Yorkshire is so small it does not even have a pub, or any shops so good luck finding an English breakfast there, but there is a village hall and an outdoor center housed in the building where the old school used to be located.

The hamlet of Fryup is split into two valleys, although they call them dales in the North of England, the largest is called Big Fryup and is where most people live, the other is called Little Fryup which contains just a handful of cottages and farms. Local residents do have some amenities though in the form of a quoits pitch used to play the traditional and historic game of Quoits where you try to throw metal or wooden rings so that they land over a metal spike in the ground.

There is also a Grade 2 listed building in the area called Fryup Hall, a large farmhouse from the mid-late eighteenth century, rebuilt on the grounds of a former Viking longhouse, which is interesting when you consider that Fryup Hall is in former Daneland territory, this is obviously a historic site. The name Fryup is derived from a mashup of the old Norse word 'Frigg'' and 'Hop' meaning small valley."

It is possible to get a proper English breakfast while you are in Fryup, I spoke with Gabby the manager of the local Yorkshire Cycle Hub and she told me that they have a cafe on site that serves a little Fryup breakfast and a great Fryup breakfast, both of which are named after the local valleys, something I thought was a really nice touch. All of their meat products in their breakfast are sourced from local farmers, they source their bacon and black pudding from Glaisdale and their sausages come from Jacksons of Ruswarp. They serve their breakfasts all day and you are able to enjoy your breakfast in front of a magnificent country vista of the surrounding Yorkshire dales, with no buildings in sight.

Great Fryup Dale

The great thing about Fryup is that if you go there to enjoy a fry up in the Yorkshire Cycle Hub, you can rent electric bicycles from them afterwards to exercise off the full English while experiencing the beautiful North Yorkshire Dales National Park, check out this this guide to the national park and head down there for a fry up. Tell them the English Breakfast Society sent you and they might give you a free extra sausge with your breakfast.

Fryup seems like an amazing place to live for a fry up fanatic with a penchant for rural living, a place called Fryup, in a beautiful national park and area of outstanding beauty! I spoke with local resident Dot MacDonald who has lived in Fryup since 1965, she told me that it was great place to live and a wonderful community, she also said that the population has roughly stayed the same in the time she had lived there.

Just the way the locals like it, even if they do appreciate the tourism in the area.

We aren't the only ones who have noticed the Hamlet of Fryup, and its connection to the English breakfast. The activist group PETA, known for its stunts designed to highlight the suffering of animals tried to persuade the Hamlet of Fryup to change its name to Vegan Fryup. The good people of Fryup obviously didn't seem to like that idea, because the place is still called Fryup, nice try PETA!

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